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No matter the amount of bond or time of day, call us whenever you need prompt bonding services. When you or a loved one is incarcerated, trust us to respond to your phone call quickly, provide all of the answers you need, and be on time to arrange your bail.


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Our dependable mobile service means we can come to your location, or you can meet us directly at the jail to complete all paperwork. Count on us to provide fast, friendly service any time, anywhere in the state of Virginia.


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Dee’s Bail Bonds bail services extend throughout the entire Richmond metro area – including Chesterfield, Petersburg, Henrico, Hanover, New Kent, and Lawrenceville.  Not sure what bondsman to call? We cover the entire state of Virginia, so call us to find out how soon we can help you.

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We will provide you with prompt, reliable advice and affordable & fairly priced bail bonds. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with free information and answer any questions you have about the process – we know this can be a confusing and hectic time.

Bail Bonds Richmond VA will also help you figure out what kind of bond you need, and how soon you can get your loved one out of jail.

Bail Bonds Richmond VA : Fast, Affordable, and Reliable.

If you listen to or read the news regularly, you have heard it said that, “Person A was arrested today and released on bail for Y amount.” For those not familiar with the criminal legal system, question remains; what is bail and how does it work?

When a person is arrested they are taken to jail to be booked. The booking process includes fingerprinting, mug shots, and being asked to provide a statement and unless they are released on bail, they remain in jail until their day in court.

Essentially, bail is an agreement between a defendant and a bail bonds Richmond VA agency. The bail bonding agency acts on behalf of the defendant and arranges to have them released from jail until the trial in exchange for collateral which might include cash, bonds, or other assets. The value of bail is set by the court. The bonding agency ensures that the defendant will show up in court when their trial begins. Should the defendant not arrive for court, the bonding agency may employ the services of a bounty hunter to track down the individual and bring them to back to jail.

A bondsman puts up the fee for bail and charges the defendant a fee—usually about 10%. The fee is not refundable, whether the case goes to trial or not. In order to cover the cost of bail, a bail bondsman will take collateral as security. Should the defendant not have enough to cover the cost of bail, the bondsman may collect collateral from friends or relatives of the defendant that are willing to help out the defendant. If the defendant skips on their court date, not only can they hire a bounty hunter but they can then sue to recover the owed money. They may also attempt to recoup the cost of the bond by claiming the collateral from the defendant and/or the people who signed on as sureties for the defendant.

There are several bail bond agents in and around the community of Richmond Virginia. Local law enforcement work together with locally license bonding agents to make sure that during the bail bonding process, all procedures are followed. Not only does this provide protection for the bonding agents, but the defendant as well.

If you have any questions about legal process or bail bonds in Richmond, Virginia, you can find that information in two main judicial facilities.

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